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Coral Reef Safe Sunscreen


Custom sunscreen is a mainstay of summer promotions, and a customer favorite. An essential part of summer, people are traveling and heading to the beaches for some much needed relaxation and down time. And while promotional sunscreen should be featured in your summer marketing campaigns, you might want to consider what ingredients your sunscreen contains.

Typical sunscreen is safe for use in most places, but you should be careful what you use in Hawaii and Florida. It has been found that sunscreens containing Oxybenzone and Octinoxate are harmful to the Coral Reefs, and a law is already on the books to ban the sales of sunscreen containing these ingredients in the state of Hawaii, and has been proposed for Florida. It is expected that other locales around the world will soon follow suit.

To be clear, Oxybenzone and Octinoxate are not harmful to humans, only certain marine life, and when promoting a local beach party or outdoor event you probably don’t need to give it much thought. However, if you live in areas where coral reefs are present, you want to be careful what promotional sunscreen products you use for your promotions. When you wear sunscreen in the water, it washes off your body and is deposited on the banks. In coral reef areas, it bleaches and kills them.

So be sure to stock up on custom sunscreen for all your promotional events this summer, but be mindful of where you products will be used. Make sure your personalized sunscreen is not being distributed to a locale that offers swimming and diving around coral reefs. Even if it isn’t banned in an area around the reefs yet, it’s always good to be environmentally aware when putting your name on a product. The Custom Sunscreen Store has a great selection of Coral Reef Safe Sunscreens, so order online today and ensure you have plenty for the hot summer season!

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