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Promote Your Brand Name with Sunblock Lotion Imprinted Products

August 18, 2020

One of the most thoughtful giveaway items for the spring and summer is promotional sunblock lotion. Not only is it important for your health to use sunscreen lotion, but by using it as giveaway items, you will spread the word and help protect people from harmful UV rays of the sun.

Custom sunblock lotions come in many different varieties, including bottles, spray bottles, tubes, sticks, and more. Distribute them at trade shows, outdoor events, schools, or any skin cancer awareness event. You will gain a lot of brand exposure. Choose Sunblock Lotion Imprinted with your logo or marketing message for successful branding!

Your recipients will be grateful when you hand out custom sunscreen, and they will even bring it home to share with their families. When other people see your promotional giveaway product, your message about UV safety will be easily understood by all. Plus, your brand will receive positive exposure year round.

Sunblock Lotion Imprinted

Sunblock lotion will provide you with a big branding area for your business logo on the surface of the bottle. You can promote with any information you want and will bring you a great opportunity to communicate with customers and spread the importance of sun protection.

Sunblock Lotion with Logo is a good idea for skin care, surfing, camping and hiking equipment producers. You can offer this promotional item as a gift with purchase. This competitive advantage will bring you huge benefit because you will give marketing gift items which are really needed for your target audience for sun protection.

Sunblock lotion bottles are small enough to take up a little space, but big enough to protect your customers during the hike or a day at the beach. They would like more to bring this promotional product instead of ordinary big sunscreen lotion bottles. Besides, this year round promo idea is equipped with a handy carabiner clip, so they can fix it on their belt, bag or onto the hiking backpack.

Available in several SPF levels, promotional sunblock lotion is an effective marketing item for any business and priced right to keep you within your budget while providing maximum exposure.

The Custom Sunscreen Store has an amazing selection of products in various styles and formulas. Sunscreen lotion, sticks, packets, and sprays, including clip-on sunscreen for the most convenient way to stay protected from the harsh sun rays.

Available in SPF 15, SPF 30, and SPF 50, as well as Zinc Oxide, you are sure to find the perfect promotional product to market your business. Promote your brand name with Sunblock Lotion with Logos now!

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