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How to Treat a Sunburn

July 19, 2018

July 19, 2018

In my blog Sunscreen Basics, I talked about what an SPF rating is, how much protection you really need, and how to choose which one is right for you. But, as it happens, at one time or another we all find ourselves in a situation where we didn’t use our sunscreen, or not enough of it, which resulted in a sunburn. So now what? It’s too late for protection, but what you do now can make a big difference in the healing time and appearance of your skin.

While some people choose to do nothing, most of us would like to gain some relief from the sting of the burn and help prevent our skin from peeling and the subsequent ugly splotches that come with it. Depending on the level of your sunburn, there are things you can do to ease the pain and help prevent peeling.

One of the best things you can do for a sunburn is to apply Aloe Vera gel to the burn. Not only does it moisturize your skin to help prevent peeling, Aloe Vera contains a natural numbing agent to help ease the pain. Aloe Vera is a plant which contains a jelly-like substance in its leaves that have been used for thousands of years for a number of skin problems, including burns. Although Aloe Vera is recommended to for use on sunburns, make sure it doesn’t contain additional numbing agents such as benzocaine or lidocaine, as they can cause skin irritation on a burn. And while petroleum jelly might seem a good substitute, it actually traps heat and makes the sunburn feel worse.

If you overdo it in the sun, you should apply cool, wet towels to calm the burn a bit prior to applying the Aloe Vera gel. Use it daily, several times a day if possible. It may not completely stop peeling, especially if it’s a blistering burn, but it will certainly help. The Custom Sunscreen Store has a nice selection of Aloe Vera products that would make a great addition to your summer promotions.

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