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Custom Sunscreen

September 13, 2018

September 13, 2018

Custom promotional sunscreen products are an economic way to promote events or businesses, while offering customers protection from the sun. Perfect for promotions any time of the year, recipients will appreciate your thoughtful gift and be reminded of your brand each time they use it.

Ideal for health-related business, custom sunscreen is a better way to promote your name than a one-use, toss away gimmick item. And it’s a great item to add to your promotions any time of the year. While people tend to think of sunscreen as a summer promotional item, it is actually a fantastic idea any time of the year. People often don’t think about the importance of using sunscreen when the sun isn’t blaring, but the truth is the sun can cause damage anytime of the year and we require protection every time we step outside to help prevent cancer and other skin diseases.

At the Custom Sunscreen Store, we have a large selection of sunscreen products that come in various styles and formulas. Choose from lotions, sticks, packets, and sprays available in SPF 15, SPF 30, SPF 50, and Zinc Oxide. We even have a category dedicated to Coral Reef Sunscreen products for those who are promoting in Hawaii or Florida, or anyone interested in preserving marine life. Any style or formula you choose is a great way to promote your brand with a long-lasting gift for customers and clients.

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